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New public open space

High-quality green space

Ensuring that we create a development vision that’s sensitive to the surrounding environment is one of our top priorities for Hayes Gardens. We are proposing significant green space throughout the site to ensure that both new and existing wildlife can thrive, living harmoniously with residents. This green space could potentially include parks, play areas and allotments for both new and existing residents to use and enjoy.

Enhancing biodiversity

Helping wildlife to thrive

We are keen to ensure that any vision for Hayes Gardens includes supporting existing wildlife. Landscaping enhancements such as the creation of new wildlife corridors and habitats as well as substantial new planting will help deliver a net gain in biodiversity across the site.

Where possible, existing high value ecological features will be retained as key wildlife habitat areas and will be set within generous green corridors.

Wildlife-friendly design

Homes that work for all

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond energy efficiency to encompass the natural world. The site could be developed with a strong focus on wildlife-friendly features. We are considering a range of initiatives to create a harmonious environment for both residents and local wildlife.

This could include the installation of bat boxes for housing bats and hedgehog highways, to allow these nocturnal mammals safe passage through the development.

Have your say

We want to hear from you

We are carrying out an engagement exercise with the local community to understand local priorities. Where possible, the feedback we receive will be used to help shape our plans.

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