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Our vision for Hayes Gardens

We are exploring the vision for a potential new development in Enderby and Narborough called Hayes Gardens, and are inviting the public to help shape this. The site, 57 hectares (141 acres) consisting of vacant land within Carlton Park and Enderby Golf Course, is owned by Santander and Blaby District Council. We are undertaking an extensive public engagement programme to gather your feedback and insights on the vision to establish a sustainable new community.

The draft vision for Hayes Gardens represents an exceptional opportunity to integrate a vibrant, new sustainable community within the existing landscape and alongside existing employment, leisure and community facilities. The vision is still in the very early stages and we want to use this as an opportunity to engage with the community and get your input.

Through meaningful community engagement, we are eager to tap into the knowledge, creativity and skills of local people to create a forward looking and unique new community. We are keen to explore ideas for a settlement with energy efficient, sustainable homes that could include renewable energy sources. This will offer an environmentally friendly way of living to help meet the needs of future generations. The site will also aim to benefit from sustainable travel solutions.

Aerial view of the site

The site

Site location

The site is located to the south west of Leicester, to the west of the M1 and south of the M69, in Narborough and Enderby. The location of the site and its close proximity to existing communities and facilities gives it the potential to become a truly sustainable, interconnected new community.

Site location and land ownership plan
  • Allocation boundary
  • Santander land
  • BDC land
  • BDC land leased from Santander
Site location and land ownership plan
Illustrative site masterplan
  • Indicative location of new homes
  • Community centre
  • Operational land
  • Potential location for allotments
  • Site access
  • Open space
  • Play areas
  • Retained public rights of way
Illustrative site masterplan


Key features

  • Up to 800 homes (including affordable homes) in a range of tenures and sizes to meet local need.

  • Potential for new road infrastructure, improving connectivity and easing congestion in the area.

  • Potential for a new community centre to promote an integrated way of living.

  • New walking and cycling routes to inspire active lifestyles and improve access to nearby facilities.

  • New areas of public open space, including children’s play areas and potentially allotments.

  • Existing trees and wildlife habitats to be retained wherever possible.
  • High-quality design in keeping with the surrounding communities.
  • Improving biodiversity throughout the site.


Your key questions answered

Do we really need new homes?

Yes. Like other councils, Blaby District Council is required to identify land for new homes. It is important that we create the new homes that are required to meet the needs of our ever-growing population.

Who owns the land?

The Hayes Gardens site covers an area of 57 hectares (141 acres). Santander owns 42.5 hectares (105 acres) of this. Blaby District Council owns 14.5 hectares (36 acres) of Enderby Golf Course, the remaining 5.4 hectares (13 acres) of the course is owned by Santander but leased to Blaby District Council.

What is happening to the golf course on the site?

The golf course is one of five courses within Blaby District Council’s boundaries, with many others within a short drive. Given the existence of other golf courses elsewhere in the district, Blaby District Council would like to consider the alternative use for the land. Should Hayes Gardens be developed it could include more high-quality public open space for all residents to use.

What about the loss of green space?

The district of Blaby has a significant shortage of brownfield sites on which to build. In such circumstances local authorities including Blaby District Council should consider the use of alternative sites to help alleviate housing pressures to provide homes. Giving the community access to high-quality green spaces is integral to the draft vision for Hayes Gardens. We hope to create a range of spaces that can be enjoyed by new and existing residents.

Is the site designated as Green Wedge?

Part of the site is designated as Green Wedge in the current Local Plan. As part of the new Local Plan process there will be a comprehensive review of green wedge sites. Retaining green wedge is important but must be balanced with the pressing need for housing.

Will there be any impact on wildlife?

Ensuring that the development is sensitive to the surrounding environment will be fundamental to our collaborative approach. We will work to ensure that the proposed vision is designed in a way to support the existing environment, delivering a net gain to biodiversity levels. We want local communities to be able to enjoy and benefit from natural, high quality green spaces.

A broad range of enhancements could be integrated with the vision, such as the creation of new wildlife corridors and habitats, supporting existing wildlife populations and providing substantial new planting. Where possible, we will retain significant areas of the landscape and features such as trees, woodland and hedgerows.

What will happen to the existing buildings on the site?

Office buildings 1 to 5, occupied by Santander, Watches of Switzerland and Honeywell, will remain operational as part of the proposals. Other buildings, such as the David Lloyd gym, Busy Bees nursery, data centres, and ambulance depot are not included within the boundaries of the proposals and will therefore remain operational.

Do you have plans to submit a planning application?

Blaby District Council and Santander are investigating the potential to secure an allocation in the new Blaby Local Plan. If the site is allocated, planning applications will then be submitted. The landowners are committed to working alongside local residents, stakeholders, businesses and other organisations to co-create a great place to live. Any future planning applications will be subject to separate public consultations.

How can the Council be a landowner and decide on a future planning application?

The National Planning Policy Framework states that local planning authorities should take a proactive role in identifying and helping to bring forward land that may be suitable for meeting development needs, including land owned by local authorities.

Blaby District Council, as the Local Planning Authority, is able to consider planning applications in respect of land that it owns or has an interest in. However, such applications and such considerations are subject to a separate planning regime.

What are you doing about traffic and congestion?

The proposed development could help through the possible creation of a new vehicle access route to Enderby Leisure Centre from the Carlton Park entrance on the B4114, providing a more convenient route for visitors. This could also create more direct cycling and walking routes to the leisure centre, lessening the traffic using Mill Lane and surrounding streets.

How can I have my say?

We are keen to get your input on the proposals before developing any proposals for securing an allocation in the new Blaby Local Plan. You can provide feedback by visiting our ‘have your say’ page, by attending one of our community events, or by contacting us using the details provided at the bottom of this page.

What happens to my feedback?

All feedback we receive during this consultation process will be thoroughly reviewed. By responding to our consultation, you will help to provide us with a stronger understanding of the community’s aspirations for the local area and Hayes Gardens in particular. Where possible, the feedback will be used to help to shape the vision for Hayes Gardens.


How the plans will move forward

We are in the early stages of developing the vision for Hayes Gardens. Below is an indicative timeline of activity. 

  1. May 2024

    Start of engagement with the community and other key stakeholders to understand priorities and seek feedback on the draft vision.
  2. May-June 2024

    Public engagement events where the community can learn more about the draft vision.
  3. Summer 2024

    Review of your comments and incorporation into the vision for the development, where possible.
  4. September 2024

    Blaby District Council will be undertaking a consultation on the new Local Plan.
  5. Autumn / Winter 2024

    Consultants acting for Blaby District Council and Santander will need to submit proposals for the site to be considered for allocation in the new Blaby Local Plan.
  6. Summer 2025

    Blaby District Council is expecting to submit the new Blaby Local Plan to the Planning Inspectorate for examination.
  7. March 2026

    The new Blaby Local Plan is expected to be reviewed by the Planning Inspectorate in late 2025, and if approved, would be adopted by the District Council in March 2026.
  8. 2026 and beyond

    If the site is approved for allocation in the new Local Plan, the next step would involve the development and submission of a planning application. This phase would include development proposals that would be subject to public consultation.

Have your say

We want to hear from you

We are carrying out an engagement exercise with the local community to understand local priorities. Where possible, the feedback we receive will be used to help shape our plans.

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